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Part Five: Resources

Source Listings​

Itzik Gottesman, with support from the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, posts Yiddish songs with commentary weekly at Yiddish Song of the Week.


Commercially Available Field Recordings List

Resources for Field Recordings

Over 2000 Yiddish folksongs can be heard in the Ruth Rubin Legacy archive at YIVO.

Yiddish folksongs can be heard in the Stonehill Jewish Song Archive presented by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance. The collection continues to grow!

For online resources for Yiddish music in general, consult Amanda Seigel’s helpful survey.

Seigel Survey

Abigail Wood has kindly provided her index of Yiddish song books.

Wood Index


Zev Feldman and Michael Lukin produced a ground-breaking annotated bibliography, Eastern European Jewish Folk music, as part of the series Oxford Bibliographies Online. Unfortunately, this valuable resource is only available to subscribers such as libraries that allow member-only access. New York Public Library allows access to card holders, for example. For this website, Lukin has provided an alternate, unpublished version of the bibliography.

Lukin Bibliography

“The Uses of Printed Versions in Studying the Song Repertoire of East European Jews: First Findings,” in M. Herzog, B. Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, D. Miron and R. Wisse eds., The Field of Yiddish: Studies in Language, Folklore and Literature, Fourth Collection. Philadelphia: Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1980, 329-70. 


“Studying the Yiddish Folksong.” M. Slobin. Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy IV, 1983, 7-11.


Articles and Research Reports

NEW: "Provision for the Journey: Recovering Lost Religious Folk Songs in Yiddish" - Janet Leuchter's Master Thesis

NEW: Recording & Transcription of "Researching Yiddish Folk Songs Then and Now" Presentation by Dr. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett At the Annual YIVO Gathering with the Jewish People's Library in Montreal, March 31, 1973. Transcription and Translation by Joshua Waletzky 2021.

Recording  (Barbara's talk starts at 40:32 under the tab 01-333A)

Yiddish Version

English Version

NEW:"Folksongs in the East European Tradition" from the repertoire of Mariam Nirenberg. By Barbara Kirshenblatt, Mark Slobin, and Eleanor Gordon Mlotek

Purchase the CD

Liner Notes

Nirenberg Family Records at Onatario Jewish Archives

From the YIVO Archives - Final Report on Eastern European Jewish Song in its Social Context: An Analysis of the Social Systemization of Folksong Performance by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.

1975 Report

​Project Questionnaire from 1975 by Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.


Mark Slobin’s YouTube channel

This site contains a number of Slobin’s talks on Yiddish music matters under the tab “Jewish topics,” not all on the topic of folksong proper.


Mariam Nirenberg

Additionally, the Jewish Music Research Centre has published an additional article by Michael Lukin about Yiddish folksong.

Lukin Article

"M.F. Gnesin on the Modal System of Jewish Music (Based on the Composer’s Archival Materials)"

Nauchnyi Vestnik Moskovskoi Konservatorii 2012, 6-25. By Izaly Zemtsovsky. Translated by Anya Shatilova, edited by Mark Slobin.


We are pleased to have permission from Joseph Levine, editor of the 2010 special issue on Yiddish topics of Jewish Synagogue Music, to reprint Max Wohlberg’s seminal article, “The Music of the Synagogue as a Source of the Yiddish Folk Song.”